First Post

Welcome to my new Blog ! :)

It's going to be for traders especially forex traders.
First I will start with some basic stuff like what forex is, how to trade it etc.
Then some strategies and finally some mental tipps and tricks to start with the right food.

I hope you enjoy my Blog!

Good Trades everyone

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  1. Nice nice, a new breath of fresh air. I like it, looking forward to your next post.

  2. Looking forward to it. I've always wanted to learn about forex trading.

  3. Will you do a small intro to basic stock buying, i'd love to get into that...

  4. What a coincidence! Forex is one of things I just recently added on the things to educate myself on.. will definitely keep up with your blog.

  5. good start keep posting =D

  6. nice blog .. looking forward to learn about forex